:: Eagle in Black

After getting the right beans, have them processed and roasted properly, it comes to the brewing process that complete the life of the coffee.

Without doubt the human factor is so important that we could expect a sxxt cup from a person without any coffee/brewing knowledge. But assuming we have a literate barista, still we can't 100% sure to produce a good quality cup without the aid of brewing tools and technology.

In this ever-changing world, 10 to 15 years later we can expect to see some extraordinary coffee machines which are ten times better than anything on earth today. We are humble to describe what we're using now is not the best but at least up to standard, a very high standard.

The VA388 Black Eagle by Victoria Arduino is a state-of-the-art espresso machine, designed to back up the barista in a precise and flexible manner.

With its T3 temperature control system, rest assured the consistency across each cup is pushed to the max. Brewing can be so much fun with the possibility to adjust the brewing temperature in each single group head,  and more importantly, sets an easy platform for coffee tailoring.