:: the idea

Back in July 2013, the idea of "let's open a cafe in Australia!" popped up from nowhere, just like any other great ventures in the world. It took the team almost 2 years to put together a solid concept, recruiting the masterminds, market research and to really engage in the business set up procedures.

 (logo, Haven tailoring coffee joyously)


"This should not be just another cafe in Australia!", a shared vision for the whole project.

Pulling shots from the machines in the past 10+ years, we have concluded one very simple yet easy to forgo rule-of-thumb: What makes baristas baristas, is not about their skills and knowledge, it's solely because they are human. Being a human, baristas could actually determine the flavour in each cup of coffee, by putting in love, courtesy, personality and creativity.

What makes Haven special should be their baristas being able to unleash all their power when brewing each cup, free from rigid rules and regulations. To do so, guests could order their coffee based on their personal preferences and baristas will try their best to tailor.