Hosting brunch next week? Here are some breakfast recipe ideas!

breakfast tacos and buns

Going out for nice, leisurely weekend brunch is one of the best things you can do in Sydney. But sometimes, it’s fun to mix it up and host brunch at home. So if you fancy inviting some of your nearest and dearest over for brunch next weekend, here are some of our top breakfast recipe ideas to help you make it a success.

Pick & mix group breakfast recipe ideas

If you have a large group or don’t want to make it a formal, sit-down affair, why not have some smaller dishes that people can mix and match? You can try healthy quick breakfast recipes like breakfast egg muffins and frittatas or get creative with mini-toasties, breakfast tacos and buns. These are all fantastic options that you can make as healthy or as wildly indulgent as you like.

Pre-made baked deliciousness

If you want to wow your guests but don’t fancy spending the whole brunch running back and forth from the kitchen, why not serve a range of pre-made baked goods? If you’re looking for a great breakfast bake recipe, try some cinnamon buns, crumpets, banana bread, coffee cake or if you’re feeling confident, even home-made croissants! Like any good breakfast bake receipt, you can prepare all of these beforehand and as an added bonus, they will make your house smell amazing!

If in doubt…opt for pancakes!

Let’s face it. Pancakes are always a showstopper. And the good news is that these days, there are so many different recipes available for any dietary needs. From vegan pancakes and oat pancakes to boozy Nutella pancakes, you can get as creative as you like with these culinary delights!

Don’t forget the drinks!

Naturally, coffee is a must at any brunch, but you can also get creative with various other drinks. If you and your friends are on a bit of a health kick, why not try some home-made super-smoothies or juices? Or, if you are feeling indulgent why not make some fruity cocktails or go for classic bellinis?

So there you have it, some great ideas to help you impress your friends at your next brunch. Or, if the thought of preparing and cooking is just too much, you can always pop into Haven Specialty Coffee and let us do all the hard work for you!