How to find Sydney’s best brunch spots?

Sydney best brunch
There are plenty of hipster cafes in Sydney and even more glamorous restaurants with glorious views. But aside from picking a venue, how can you make sure you get the best possible brunch?

What time is brunch in Australia?

So let’s start with the basics. Many visitors find themselves asking “what time is brunch in Australia”. And the truth is, brunch is pretty much an all day everyday thing for Sydneysiders. Opening and brunch serving times will vary from cafe to cafe but in general, when we say ‘brunch’ we pretty much mean breakfast, brunch, lunch and anything in between. We simply love brunch and just can’t confine it to a limited time-period.

What are the coffee names in Australia?

In Sydney, we take our coffee very seriously. Your coffee order is about as personal as it gets and every country does it slightly differently. So to prevent confusion when browsing menus at hipster cafes in Sydney, here’s what you need to know.

Long Black = A shot of espresso mixed with hot water (known elsewhere as an Americano)

Macchiato = A shot of espresso topped with milk froth

Espresso = a straight shot of coffee

Flat white = a shot of espresso with slightly frothed hot milk

Latte = a milkier version of a flat white

Cappuccino = a shot of espresso with a small amount of hot milk, topped with foamed milk

Mocha = a latte with cocoa powder. Basically half coffee, half hot chocolate.

How to find good coffee

The first thing to know about finding coffee in Australia is that baristas are gods.

In Sydney, we don’t let just anyone make your coffee. Our baristas are trained coffee making specialists. After a while, you’ll find your favourite barista and then you’ll be able to truly call yourself a Sydneysider.

The best baristas tailor your coffee to your own specific tastes. So to find the best coffee in Sydney, look for somewhere that offers coffee tailoring services. Because when the first coffee sets the tone for your entire day, it really is worth getting it just right!

What are the must-have Australian brunch items?

Australian brunch menus are diverse and creative. The Aussie breakfast staples, however, are sourdough toast, poached eggs and smashed avocado. A breakfast menu without some kind of combination of these three things is simply not trustworthy.

Feeling hungry?

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