Top 3 trendy breakfast ideas for 2019

breakfast ideas for 2019

Cooking breakfast for your special someone, or just fancy impressing your friends with a homemade brunch? Here are our top 3 special breakfast ideas for your next brunch.


This one should be at the top of any list for trendy breakfast ideas. Simple yet flavourful, this dish of eggs poached in tomatoes can be a real showstopper. And the great thing about this dish is that you can make a very simple version with just the basic ingredients or you can add all sorts of flavourful herbs, spices and other ingredients like chorizo, Tabasco, honey, olives or halloumi if you’re feeling creative and confident! And of course, some fresh and crispy sourdough bread to dip in and mop up the sauce is an absolute must too!


Pancakes are one of the best breakfast party ideas ever invented. Again, they can be made as simply or as creatively as you wish, depending on how much time (and skill) you have. You can make healthy versions with oats and bananas or luxuriously indulgent versions lathered in chocolate sauce. You can also just lay out all the extra add-ons (like bacon, syrup, fruit, chocolate etc) on the table and let your guests build their own!

When it comes to special breakfast ideas, you really can’t go wrong with classics like pancakes!


If you’re looking for creative breakfast party ideas that will impress people, why not explore some new cuisine? For those of you unfamiliar with Arepas, they are extremely popular foods in Colombia and Venezuela. There are various ways of making Arepas and the style and ingredients vary from region to region (and even family to family) across both countries.

Generally speaking, they are round, bread-like things made from cornmeal, water and salt. They can be grilled, baked and split open like sandwiches and are then served with a variety of ingredients. Some popular fillings are pulled pork, black beans, avocado and plantains but the options and combinations of fillings are endless and completely up to you!

Once you know what you’re doing, Arepas are fun and fairly easy to make. But if you’ve never made them before, make sure you have a few practices runs before the big brunch!