Tailored Coffee Cafe


We are proud to be a tailored coffee café in Sydney. We fully believe that tailored coffee solutions are the key to the perfect brew.

How We Tailor Your Coffee

Through the unique art of tailoring the coffee’s Aroma, Acidity, Sweetness, Body and Aftertaste, we can create the best coffee for YOU and YOUR taste.

We achieve flavour tailoring in each brew by adjusting one or more of the following attributes: coffee grind size, total brewing time, brewing temperature, coffee to water ratio and choice of coffee origins.


Tailor Coffee Process

Our Coffee Beans

We source our coffee based on quality and uniqueness. All the coffee beans are sourced and roasted by the Haven Coffee Team, we make sure all the coffee beans are on the highest level and only serve the good one. We also understand everyone has a different preference for their coffee, therefore we always give options for the customers:

Fruity | ’fru: ti |

Coffees from Africa and the Caribbean, like Kenya, Ethiopia and Panama, are generally fruitier than other coffee-growing regions. Typical fruit notes may include Orange, Lemon, Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry, Peach, Melon, Grapes and Apple.

Nutty | ’nʌti |

Nutty flavours can usually be found in regions like Central America - Guatemala and Costa Rica, for example. Typical nutty notes may include Walnut, Peanut, Hazelnut, Balsamic Rice, Almond and Toast.

Chocolatey | ’tʃɑk(ə)lət |

Some of the Asian and South American coffees have a very strong chocolatey flavour; Indonesia and Columbia are two origins where this is the case. Typical chocolatey notes may include Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Butter, Mint Chocolate, Caramel and Vanilla.


Your coffee is handcrafted by our barista team with the utmost passion and care. Each of our baristas has been awarded a universally-recognised qualification, which ensures quality assurance and consistency.

Handcrafted Coffee
Slayer Steam - The Vaporizer™ is a compact super-heater that boosts the temperature of the steam and creates a dry, invisible vapour. By simultaneously increasing temperature and decreasing dilution, Slayer Steam promotes full flavour development in all milk varieties.
The combination of these elements is what makes us the best-tailored coffee café

in Surry Hills, Sydney.


Coffee Tailoring Machine

Coffee Roasting

* Haven Berry Blend: Sidamo + Wahana + Kenya
* Haven Citrus Blend: Sidamo + Yirgacheffe + Kenya
^ Geisha: Colombia Finca Monte Verde Microlot
^ Geisha: Colombia Huila La Pradera
^ Geisha: Panama Lycello Ninety Plus Washed
^ Geisha: Panama Juliette Ninety Plus Natural
^ Single Origin: Brazil Fazenda Rainha Yellow Bourbon
^ Single Origin: Brazil Fazenda Passeio Catuai
^ Single Origin: Colombia Cauca C2 Microlot
^ Single Origin: Costa Rica Central Valley Black Rose
^ Single Origin: Costa Rica Las Lajas Red Honey
^ Single Origin: Costa Rica West Valley Red Honey
^ Single Origin: Costa Rica Finca Helsar De Zarcero Brew Wine
^ Single Origin: Ethiopia Kochere Yirgacheffe Washed
^ Single Origin: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dumerso Washed
^ Single Origin: Ethiopia Kemgin Ninety Plus W2
^ Single Origin: Ethiopia Sidamo Sibu Gr1 Natural
^ Single Origin: Ethiopia Sidamo Wondo Gr1 Washed
^ Single Origin: El Salvador HiU Tablon Honey
^ Single Origin: Guatemala Coban Valmer Washed
^ Single Origin: Guatemala Coban Santa Isabel Kenyan Washed
^ Single Origin: Guatemala Huehuetenango Primavera SHB Washed
^ Single Origin: Guatemala La Minita La Flor Washed & Sun Dried
^ Single Origin: Guatemala Antigua Finca Capetillo Washed
^ Single Origin: Indonesia Blue Flores Bajawa Washed
^ Single Origin: Indonesia PWN Mandelhing DP Gr1 Semi-washed
^ Single Origin: Indonesia Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Semi-washed
^ Single Origin: Kenya Dorman Kii AA Top Washed
^ Single Origin: Kenya Yara AA Washed
^ Single Origin: Panama Santa Teresa Honey
^ Single Origin: Panama Don Julian Natural
^ Single Origin: Panama Mama Cata Estate Natural