Cafe Event Venue Spaces

Are you looking for a great café venue in Sydney to host an event or function? We have you covered!

At Haven Speciality Coffee we encourage coffee enthusiasts to hire our cafe venue! Whatever occasion you require a cafe event space for - a birthday, a professional function, a casual get-together, etc. - we offer cafe hire in Sydney!

You can either hire the café venue alone and provide your own catering, or we can provide catering services for you! Our catering includes a delicious variety of seasonal speciality canapés, sandwiches and pastries, with vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options available so that everyone is accommodated for.

Our catering package also includes beverages: coffee, of course, as well as chocolate drinks, teas and juices. Or, you can even bring your own beverages if that suits you and your function better.

Our venue space, which includes both our outdoor and indoor area, can seat up to 80 people. The space is fully air-conditioned, has WiFi connection, a high-quality sound system, Spotify access and even a piano!

If you’re looking for amazing café event spaces in Surry Hills, Sydney, call on Haven Speciality Coffee! We’d be happy to have you.

For a breakdown of our event and venue hire packages, please see below.


A. Venue Hire (50 per hour)
Full venue and facility usage
Bring your own catering

B. Catering + Venue Hire (20 per head + 50 per hour)
Full venue and facility usage
We provide the catering

C. Events Co-operation
Partnership opportunity for event organisers

Seasonal Specialty Canapés, Sandwich and Pastries
(Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy free options available)

(BYO welcomed)

60 seats capacity including outdoor area
Wifi network
Sound system

Prices to be quoted based on specific requirements.

Please get in touch to get planning, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions for your next event at our café venue in Surry Hills! Email us today at

02 9281 9300